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You Only Eat What You Kill(October 2015)

As I was on a business call yesterday, my coach said something to me that I didn’t quite understand at the time. I decided in my head that I wouldn’t ask her to elaborate on her statement but I would rather wait until we hung up and think about it myself. She said “listen, you will only eat what you kill.” I hadn’t heard the phrase before but when I thought about it I had an “ah ha” moment.

You only eat what you kill. You benefit as much as you have contributed. You must work hard for yourself and only depend on yourself. This idea is important to me as a new entrepreneur to understand. I have to get out and hunt for my food. I can’t rely on the government, education system, banks, or even my own employer to help me, or to “feed” me. I must get my food myself. Anything that another does for me will make me indebted to them.

It’s like a comparison between a wild animal and umm…a house pet. A house pet lives off of what it is given and offered by its owners. A wild animal, on the contrary, gets out and works for his own kill. It doesn’t rely on anyone else to hunt for or feed him. He does the work himself. Yay to that animal! I will no longer be an animal in a home waiting for my master to feed me. I will no longer allow the media to feed me bullshit ideas about what is acceptable and beautiful. I will no longer all banks and other corporations to choke me every time I try to get ahead. I’m going to create my own funds. Be my own boss. Create my own ideas and brands that others will desire and pay me for. I’m going to hustle and only then will the kill be a delightful taste.

How great it must feel to get out and do your own thing. How great it must feel to not have to rely on others to feed you.

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My Thoughts on TI’s Opinion on Women in Leadership

T.I. is a very well known rapper who is liked by many. He seems to be a good family man, appearing in his own reality show with his wife and children. But T.I. recently made some very concerning statements. He stated that he could not vote for a woman to become to the leader of the free would. He stated his belief that a woman can fill any other position that may exist, but that he simply couldn’t support a woman as the President of the US. He did later apologize (which I will address shortly) but I still have some serious concerns with his argument.

One of Tip’s claims is that women make rash and emotional decisions. I think that this is BS. Women, for centuries and decades, have raised men. They have raised families. Not to mention that Hillary (regardless of her views or policies) has been in politics-she knows the business. She has proven herself personally and professionally, to be a calm amidst the storm. She does this. She has proven herself to be a person who can withstand numerous obstacles, one being personal opinion. Tip should understand this as he is often in the media for issues that one would not necessarily like to be put out there for public opinion.

Frankly, I believe that Tip’s comments may be valid but the subject he spoke of was incorrect. He wasn’t speaking of women. He was speaking of “bitches.” Yep, I said it. Maybe bitches make rash decisions emotionally and then regret them. Maybe bitches would set off a nuclear war. But no Tip, real women don’t behave this way. Especially in the professional world. Maybe Tip hasn’t encountered a professional, educated woman who is handling business in a world where everything she does is made more difficult by opinions such as his and Donald Trump’s. Handling business and running shit in a year with the funds that Tip earns in a night.

As much as I admire Tip’s marriage and how much he loves his wife, I feel that this he needs a lesson in reality. He needs to check himself. He needs to know that women can do anything that men can do. I would even argue that we can do it better. It’s not even like men have done such a great job at leading our nation. But I digress. That’s another story.

Now back to the apology. Do we believe in Tip’s apology? Hmmm…nope! I don’t. If we believe in Tip’s apology, that makes him the very woman that he was discussing making rash emotional decisions. Was his statement reflecting his decision to not support a woman as a leader of the free world emotional? Was it rash? If you believe his apology, I guess so. Sounds to me like men (as evidenced by Tip) make just as much dumb decisions as anyone else.

I challenge Tip to spend a day in my shoes and watch me run my life, children, and household. Then he’d be convinced that I could run the world.

~Andrea D.